no-needle treatments


Cupping has been used for a very long time as a traditional therapy both in Asia and in Eastern Europe. It involves placing cups in strategic places, most often on the back, in which a vacuum is created to provide a degree of suction. You can think of it as a "massage in reverse", as the stimulation happens through the vacuum suction rather than through pressure.

This technique, like most others, can be individually adjusted to the strength required. It is ideal for children, as it can be very gentle and pleasant! My kids actually ask for it a lot, not minding the slight temporary marks that cupping leaves.


Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

Chinese Medicine considers our social and physical environment to have a vast influence on health. Some things, such as climate or social interactions, may be difficult to change, but others are more within our control. Chinese Medicine emphasises a preventative approach to health, which includes long-term management of well-being through moderate diet, exercise and stress management. As your acupuncture treatment progresses, you will become more aware of how what you do on a daily basis can supplement - or sabotage - your treatment.

(By the way, this is not a stock photo, but my Mum doing qi gong - a type of Chinese exercise system - on a Polish beach :) ).