Turning a breech baby

After one session of moxibustion, the expecting Mother wrote:

Scan showed he is no longer breech! He's in the perfect position for birth apparently :)

…And here is the longer version:

I was surprised when both 'traditional' practitioners (osteopath / NCT teacher) as well as 'alternative therapists' had advised something as strange sounding as moxibustion, so while I was unsure whether it would work or not, I was happy to give it a go. I could still feel my baby's head by my belly when Iga came round, we did the moxibustion and I did my 'positions' that evening and the next morning, and by lunch time I could no longer find the head. By the time of our scan at 1.30 they confirmed that he was in the correct position.

We're incredibly pleased it's worked and he's now in the right position as it means I can go for the water birth I've been looking forward to :)

Sally Marchant