“Honestly, I count on your treatment whenever I am in the area”

Dear Iga

I am your Mum, so maybe my post will not be taken seriously by other people. But honestly - I count on your treatment whenever I am in the area. I remember my first acupuncture treatment in London, done by another person - how bad and disappointed, and, to my surprise - angry I felt. I would never know how beneficial and deep-reaching acupuncture may be if not for your patience and understanding. I know what a difficult patient I was - I felt really strong sensations with every treatment and was astonished with the results. Something inside of me started moving, something to which I had no access previously. I am deeply convinced that you were the one who saved me from hospital when I was seriously ill.

I would recommend you to everybody and if someone would like to know more about you, feel free to contact me.

With love,

your Mum

(Dr Mira Czarnawska)