Back Pain

My husband's back had been problematic for years. He saw several specialists for it, who would make it better, but only for a short period of time. He had not tried acupuncture before we met Iga, and decided to give it a try seeing how much she helped me. The results have exceeded our expectations by far! After only one session, he has had no pain for over 2 months, and is still pain free... We will have more acupuncture soon to keep up this great result!

A. & D.

(“Disclaimer" from Iga: please note that these results are not necessarily typical - usually, when it is a long-standing pain, several sessions are needed to shift it permanently. There is some research into why some people respond so very strongly to acupuncture and others slower, but it is not yet conclusive.)

Insomnia and low energy

Dear Iga, you are a miracle worker! Normally I feel exhausted all the time, but unable to sleep. Last night after the treatment, I actually felt sleepy! I fell asleep easily, and slept deeply. What a difference!!


Lesley x

(a comment from me (Iga): I always feel humbled by such powerful feedback. It is not me, really, making those miracles - it is the needles! :D Or actually: the power of your own body to heal, just triggered by acupuncture.)

“Honestly, I count on your treatment whenever I am in the area”

Dear Iga

I am your Mum, so maybe my post will not be taken seriously by other people. But honestly - I count on your treatment whenever I am in the area. I remember my first acupuncture treatment in London, done by another person - how bad and disappointed, and, to my surprise - angry I felt. I would never know how beneficial and deep-reaching acupuncture may be…