My practice helped me...

So here is a little story from me to kick this thread off.

My practice helped me AVOID COFFEE.

As many of you know, I recently travelled with my son Yavor to Moscow where he competed in the European Kung Fu Championships. As amazing as this experience was, sitting in a Hot and Stuffy hall for hours on end certainly takes a toll, and most parents found themselves engaging in frequent coffee shop trips.

As I joint them, I found myself passing through a beautiful sunny garden… and decided to stop just for a bit to do taiji. I have to say it is not always easy to break the inertia and not easy to break out of a crowd that does something different! Yet as soon as I got into the practice, my body screamed „yes” and I continued for a long time. The movement and the deep breaths of fresh air was exactly what I needed at the moment to get my circulation moving, clear my head and increase my energy! Next time I felt whoozy after a day of stitting in a stuffy room, I invited a Chinese friend over and we headed straight for the park to do the Ba Duan Jin / Eight Brocades!

(This does not mean, by the way, that I never ever drink coffee any more. I do like it and currently have no reason, according to Chinese Medicine, to give up the occassional cup. But I am a little bit more aware of what it is my body really needs, and have more tools to achieve it other than drinkable caffeine :) )