QI GONG in Royston


Would you like to learn a simple yet profound skill that will help you dissolve stress and feel more grounded?

Can your posture benefit from movements that counteract hours of sitting or standing?

Would you enjoy an hour devoted just to yourself?

We now have THREE successful Qi Gong and Taiji groups meeting weekly in Melbourn and Royston, both daytimes and evening. During the summer, we meet on the Heath. Please read below and send me a note if you would like to come along - new members always welcome!


Qi Gong is a Chinese form of exercise - Meditation in Movement. The words mean “gathering energy” or “gathering air”, In China, it is practised by martial artists as well as those in rehabilitation after a major illness or surgery. It is similar(-ish) to Taiji, but has less choreography, as Taiji originated as a martial art, while qi gong is meant for health and strength. A Taiji master will practise qi gong as well!


  • regulates blood pressure

  • promotes circulation of blood and lymph

  • helps joint mobility

  • promotes good posture

  • opens the chest and strengthens lungs

  • fosters mindfulness

  • really makes your muscles work while using safe, gentle movements that also foster balance


I teach Introduction to Taiji in my classes: as I consider myself a health practitioner over and above all else, the Taiji routines and movements we study are always presented with relevance to their holistic wellbeing effect, increasing balance and core strength. The benefits are the same as those of Qi Gong, only the graceful movements combine into a more flowing sequence.

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