Treatment for Children

I love treating children - I have three children of my own and they now ask me for treatment all the time! A lot of the treatment is non-invasive and relies on teaching you, the parents, what to do at home, while we meet at weekly intervals to monitor progress and re-assess.


shonishin and acupressure

Shonishin is a gentle therapy of Japanese origin, mostly non-invasive, which is suitable for children from birth to about 12 years of age. In involves gently tapping and rubbing the skin with metal tools like little spatulas, working along the meridians and special acupoints. This therapy system is applicable to the same wide spectrum of conditions as regular acupuncture.

I studied Shonishin with Stephen Birch, who is an international expert not only of this paediatric technique but of widely understood acupuncture and scholarly research into Qi.

dermal plasters

Those are small plasters that apply localised pressure to an acupoint.



Cups are safe, and unexpectedly pleasant for the patient! They are great for coughs, whether after a cold or asthma.



Needles can provide deep-reaching effect, necessary in some stubborn cases. The needles used on children are very thin and once children feel comfortable with me as a therapist, they usually readily accept them.

Child patients come with…

Parents seek treatment for a range of conditions, including mood imbalances, digestive issues, food allergies, asthma, recurring coughs and colds, neurological problems such as Tourrette’s syndrome (ticks), headaches and more. Please call to discuss your child’s case if you would like more information.