Massage and No Needle Therapies

The true Eastern concept of acupuncture (Chinese:  pinyin: zhēn jiǔ) includes much more than needling!

hand massage bccma.jpg

The actual word means "needle and moxibustion". Moxibustion is a very pleasant heat therapy, where a lit stick of compressed herb artemisia vulgaris is moved over specific areas of the body.

Other techniques which I may employ are cupping: safe, vacuum controlled cups, often employed to powerfully ease muscle tension and chest congestion, acupressure, lifestyle advice - which is a crucuial part of Chinese approach to health, and acupressure massage.

Yes, you can book with me if you just want a massage!

I practise Tui Na, which is Chinese medicinal massage. It will be a little similar and a little different to booking with a massage therapist.

How it will be similar: you will have your body massaged and kneaded, through which we will start dissolving tension in your muscles. You will emerge deeply relaxed, feeling looser and with increased mobility.

How it is different: I see Tui Na Massage as one step in the larger picture of healing. I am likely to advise on your posture and prescribe Qi Gong based exercises (read about Qi Gong here). Sometimes I will suggest combining the massage with other techniques, such as some fine needles in your ears, or I might leave you with a set of discreet plasters on some pressure points.

Tui Na is Chinese works according to the same principles as acupuncture. Only, instead of needles, I use my hands and several pushing, pressing and pulling techniques to move the Qi of the body. Tui Na means literally "push, pull", but you could think of it as acupressure massage. It is not necessarily more gentle than needling, just different.