Individual Acupuncture Treatment


With Heaven and Earth Health, each treatment lasts 1 hour. I will listen to your symptoms and take your case history, feel your pulse and palpate any painful areas, diagnose (in Traditional Chinese Medical terms only), and then offer treatment. It is usually more relaxing than people expect. Here, you can read more about how acupuncture works.

Apart from needling, I may use other techniques, such as moxibustion (a pleasant het treatment), cupping (recently popular among the Olimpians and celebrities!), gua sha, acupressure and Tui Na massage. The exact composition of your treatment is always tailor-cut to your individual needs.

I offer treatment in Polish and Spanish upon request.

What makes my approach unique... that in addition to treating you, I think creatively about ways you can help yourself in between the acupuncture sessions.

All of my clients get a fully individualised Chinese Medicine diet guide after our third treatment session – it is completely free of charge, and always prepared especially for you. This teaches you what foods may worsen your state and which are beneficial to your particular constitution.

Lifestyle advice is an integral part of Classical Chinese Medicine, as taught and described by the great doctors of the Orient. If needed, I teach you breathing methods, relaxation techniques, meditation or Qi Gong, or in the case of pregnancy care, correct maternal-foetal positioning – this is all an optional but natural addition to the Chinese Medicine treatment.

Sessions can be booked at the Heath Sports Centre in Royston or as home visits.