About me

I love being an acupuncturist and seeing my skills and knowledge make a difference in people’s lives. Each person's story is different: no two headaches, no two knee pains or low moods are exactly alike, which is why the holistic nature of Chinese Medicine is so well-suited to addressing an individual’s needs.

Apart from acupuncture, I practise Kung Fu and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu). The philosophy of those martial arts, together with the philosophy behind Chinese Medicine, has been an increasing influence in my life over the past years. 

What brought me to acupuncture

My first adventure with acupuncture was when I was only 12, and had suffered all my childhood from recurring bronchitis (potentially mis-diagnosed asthma) – every cold would result in about 2 weeks off from school, and I got many colds, maybe eight a year! My parents, having tried everything, asked a travelling acupuncture master for help. I received 10 sessions of acupuncture. My bronchia never suffered again! I still got colds often, as it was explained that this aspect of immunity would take longer to reinforce, but my night-long coughs were virtually gone.

Later, as a filmmaker in the USA, I had the pleasure of editing and advising on Laura Cooley’s film “Unimagined Bridges”, which describes the use of ear acupuncture for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I now organise showings of this wonderful short film in the UK, and run an ear acupuncture group for Stress and PTSD.

Later, when working as a doula and childbirth educator in London, I found myself often referring my clients to acupuncturists. At the same time, as a new and chronically sleep deprived mother, I experienced the wonders that acupuncture can do to address exhaustion. Studying this art myself was a natural step. Before I started practising, still as an acupuncture student, I helped my own children, who beforehand would be regularly hospitalised for asthma.

Some CV for those interested

I have a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine with distinction (MCM / MSc) from the only program in the UK supported by the prestigious international Confucius Institute and hosted until recently at the London South Bank University. I studied for four years and practised at a Traditional Chinese Medicine training clinic at Elephant and Castle, learning from some wonderful practitioners, English and Chinese alike. I am now a full member of the British Acupuncture Council.

I am also an alumna of United World College of the Atlantic (Wales) and Dartmouth College (USA, Ivy League); those institutions made me interested in research as well as the idea of giving back to the world with one's skill and knowledge. I have published in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine, and I regularly peer review articles and attend conferences to keep aware of recent developments.

I now live in Royston, Hertfordshire, with my wonderful family - husband and three children - where I also train at the Bujinkan Royston Dojo, and GMax Academy. In my free time, I like to play with my family, lazily jog on the beautifully muddy Royston fields, and practise Qi Gong.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, click HERE to contact me.

Iga Amal Czarnawska-Iliev

(just call me Iga (ee-gah))

Iga in Confucius Institute's clinic with Huang Weidong and Martin Logue

Iga in Confucius Institute's clinic with Huang Weidong and Martin Logue