Reach for the best health you can enjoy, starting from the status quo of your individual condition and circumstances. 

Acupuncture (and the related no-needle techniques) is a long-standing medical system which aims at restoring your body's equilibrium. It can be used for a variety of conditions, and because of highly individualised treatment, is just as suitable for the elderly as for children, for an office worker or a fitness guru. I have obtained a Masters in Chinese Medicine (MSc) by training with top Chinese and British acupuncturists, and I am passionate both about the healing and the life-lessons this system has to offer.


Acupuncture relaxes fascia

Acupuncture MRI brain scans

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qi gong classes

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing system: a Meditation in Movement that benefits posture, mental clarity and energy levels. Suitable for all.

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ptsd group - coming soon!

Many years ago, I collaborated on making a film on ear acupuncture for trauma. Now this film is changing laws in the USA! Showing coming soon to Royston, followed by a PTSD ear acupuncture group - trauma treated with no talking.

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